Sunday 23 July 2023


Our anniversary celebration every year is a bit like remembering a war you are winning but where many are wounded and lost along the way. Some survived and led others toward victory while some wilted under the pressure and struggled to continue the fight. We look back and thank God we lacked the full understanding of what we were about to do by opening a restaurant in the middle of nowhere, down a road with no lights, in the sleepy quiet fishing village of Jimbaran, Bali.

After these 10 years, we have lots of stories to tell (fortunately mostly good ones), we have made plenty of mistakes (learning something from each of them), we have made lots of new friends (from all over the world!), we have put a smile on thousands of customers (and in return you all have put one on us!), we have shed tears of both happiness and sadness and in the end we have created a style, an attitude, a bond… a “Cuca” way of doing things.

Looking ahead and with new restaurants popping up every single day and the level of food always on the rise, we are now more determined than ever to make Cuca the very best. It’s what our guests expect and what we strive to deliver. But to celebrate where we are at today, we would like to thank each and every staff and each and every guest for this magical, stimulating, scary, thrilling, testing, sleepless, most marvelous and rewarding ten years of our life!