Sunday 31 March 2024

Adventure Awaits!

We grew up with the most incredible playgrounds as kids in Canada and Spain. Giant timber castles to climb and run through encouraging creativity, imagination and personality. Today, sadly, that has all changed and what you normally get are colorful plastic molds that are merely copied and pasted with the same boring stuff: a slide… a swing… a tick-the-box and “we are done” approach to fulfilling the obligation to kids.

Well… that’s not our style in Cuca and we wanted something that would make kids lose their minds. Something that was a throwback to the good old days of fun and excitement, where the ideas and obstacles are limited only based on your imagination.

The problem is that that requires thought, time and work, and nobody was interested to help us do something different. The proposals we received were so boring and so pathetic that we ended up losing 3 different deposits to avoid settling for mediocracy. Through the years, we continued to push forward to find incredible. We wanted a structure that felt part of the tropical forest, something that blended into the beautiful environment we are in and gave the feeling of camping, adventure and nature.

After 13 months and too many idiots to count, finally we are days away from revealing our new playground in Cuca. Now… there will be a few kids who hit the deck, a few who scratch a knee, a few who bang an elbow, but all will run mentally towards it, drawn to the raw natural excitement and unbeatable adventure that awaits!