Saturday, 8 September 2012

"Rumput Laut"

Exploring our neighborhood today we found "Secret Beach" (not so secret because we followed signs to reach it...). From far away we noticed something suspicious in the water. Can you guess what is it?

Explorando nuestro barrio hoy encontramos la "Playa Secreta" (no tan secreta porque la encontramos siguiendo carteles...). Desde lejos notamos algo sospechoso en el agua. ¿Adivinais qué es?

 To solve the mystery, we approached one of the boatmen and were shocked when seeing his catch:

Para resolver el misterio, nos acercamos a uno de los barqueros y nos quedamos helados al ver lo que tenía:

Rumput Laut = Seaweed (algas)
Kevin immediately started to eat it and began to imagine the possibilities... :) Walking along the beach, we saw how the seaweed was dried and one of the workers explained that it is used to make Agar-agar and once dried and powdered they export it to Japan.

Kevin inmediatamente se metió un poco en la boca y empezó a imaginar las posibilidades... :) Caminando por la plaza vimos cómo secaban las algas y nos dijeron que las usaban para hacer Agar agar y que una vez secas y pulverizadas las exportan a Japón.

The circle was clompleted when we finished our day in a coffee-shop where we order...
El círculo se cerró al terminar nuestro día en un bar en el que pedimos...

It was delicious!

¡Estaban deliciosas!


This is how our swimming-pool has looked like since we arrived...

Este es el aspecto de nuestra piscina desde que llegamos...

And this is what we were met with when we arrived today! We are progressing little by little.

 ¡Y esto es con lo que nos encontramos hoy! Poco a poco vamos avanzando.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Designing the kitchen

Our main objective today was to meet the kitchen designers to discuss the changes from their first proposal. The meeting had to cover the layout of the front and back of house, the list of all equipment we require and specs of each piece. We were discussing for hours and there were a couple of moments when we had to be creative to solve unusual obstacles... A very interesting experience for me and a dream for Kevin!

Kitchen Drawings

Kevin squeezing his brain...

Hands-on decisions