Friday 28 September 2012

It "wood" matter

After countless visits to our favorite wood shop in Bali selecting furniture for our new home, we have come to establish a lovely relationship with the family who runs it.

A beautiful rocking chair this shop made for us

We absolutely love their end-product so we made up our mind and today we took a step further… We had a long and intense meeting where we revealed to them our ideas for Cuca’s chairs and tables. They always show a deep knowledge of both the properties of the wood and the functionality of the furniture and on top of it during our meeting today they seemed infected with our enthusiasm so we feel in the right hands sharing our ideas. Now it all depends on their quotation but hopefully we just sowed a seed for the growth of Cuca. Will keep you updated!

The whole family participating in the meeting

Factory at the back of their shop

Thursday 27 September 2012

Sanur Village Festival 2012

Sanur is a stretch of beach in southeast Bali, about 30 minutes drive from the airport, which has grown into a little town in its own right. It contains quite number of hotels and resorts and it is the type of place where hip Europeans who have outgrown the party scene go to recharge. 

It is also one of the most popular beaches among the Balinese and home to the annual Sanur Village Festival. This year’s event kicked off yesterday and we were there to check out the food bazaar as well as to support The Gangsa, an exclusive villa resort part of Kayumanis family.

Ibu Agustini, the GM of The Gangsa 

The evening was clearly a success and apart from trying the tasty pork ribs by The Gangsa, we found out about a local company which produces great liqueurs. This was quite a finding as “local” is one of Cuca’s mottos. 

If you are in Bali, we recommend you to drop by Sanur, the festival lasts until Sunday!

Great evening atmosphere

Wednesday 26 September 2012

Green? Orange? Blue? Yellow?

Question mark

These days we are going through a crucial point in our adventure… We are now designing Cuca logo and it is being so intense that all I see is colors when I close my eyes… Our graphic designer is great and we are progressing quite a lot but after seeing dozens of options and getting closer to our preferred ones, it gets more and more difficult. Kevin likes this, I would rather have that… The designer always seems to agree with Kevin so we take breaks to fight. Every now and then we get to conclusions and move forward. There are so many decisions to be made: the font, the size, the logotype, the sub-identities, the colors, the spacing… All under the pressure to know that once concluded, there is no way back. Aaaarrrggghhh!!!

I will keep you informed and you will be the first to see our final design. Promised!